Here we have splendid & awesome handmade valentine greeting cards for that special person during valentine season! Just the right touch of class to express your gesture the artistic way.

Handmade Valentine Cards are unique and so much appreciated as the recipient understands the feel that goes with making the card. That is why valentine season is best appreciated with something unique and out of the ordinary such as a Handmade Valentine Greeting Card. That is why we have specially crafted out these great designs and concepts for this season’s valentine celebration.


As you can see from these wonderful designs already, we have carefully selected basic colour themes for each Handmade Valentine Greeting Card. Putting both male & female into consideration and also every one trying to avoid the conventional RED COLOUR for valentine, we opted for PINK, BLUE, a little touch of RED, GREEN/LEMON and other colours appreciated by people who requests handmade cards.


Two basic concepts we chose as there wasn’t enough time to keep putting up new concepts for the handmade valentine greeting cards. First concept we called the striped pattern. This concept is so cute and unique BUT takes a lot of time to put together *wipes sweat*. Notice the hand stitch on card & button design on the message box, the polymark writing & dot effect with glitter hearts to add finesse to the card.

Second Concept for our Handmade Valentine Greeting Cards we called the belt flap head and velvet. This one is quite eye catchy as we chose the conventional red velvet colour for this handmade valentine greeting card. It’s not plain velvet as it is lined with golden patterns. The belt flap design comes from behind the velvet spread to pin down the velvet which has been laid on white embossed cardboard, with a button on the belt flap to add that unique feel of real belt. See the polymark writing on the ‘old paper scroll’ craft & dot effect with glitter hearts to add finesse to the card.


We carefully selected the best Valentine wording for val cards as they said ‘a book without great content is an ordinary paper stack’. As we worked with our Tips For Writing Valentine’s Day Messages, three basic wordings were selected to paste into each cards and I must tell you personally I love every bit of it.

On the inside of some of the cards we did some pop up designs. We crafted a Heart Shape and this is one sweet crafts but takes so much time to fix, so we only did in a couple of the cards.

You should also see our Masculine Birthday Card with Heart which has a great new & different design of handmade greeting cards.

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