Started as just a simple African clothing store, we at have now grown into creating creative & unique Afro Urban Fashion company of people’s choice.

Best Afro Urban Fashion in Nigeria

Afro Urban Fashion | DottyDot Crafts NigeriaWe produce Shirts, Hoods, Jackets, Joggers, Shorts, Trousers & Footwear that makes you culturally connected to the world of African tradition. Inspired by love of our cultural heritage that appreciates pattern, color and street fashion, we offer you the premium quality Afro-Urban Fashion specially handcrafted with African prints for men, women and children.

Urban fashion is style born of the street. A ruffian look that emerges from neighborhoods as opposed to fashion dictated by designers and Wall Street. Media and garment associations often merge hip hop and urban fashion partly because they share this same beginning.

African clothing can be a symbol of status, creativity and allegiance to tribal roots. Hence, merging the style and the tribal roots give you a creative perfect outfit that is the order of the day.

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