Its time to go native, time to get traditional and here is one Native Design Handmade Card for the coronation of an Egba-Land Chieftain Title that’ll blow your mind. Yes as you already murmured, its a ‘native mat’ used on this coronation greeting card. This concept is exclusively cool and unique as it is used to compliment a traditional coronation of a chieftain title in Egba-Land of Ogun State, Nigeria.

Native Design Handmade Card | Egba-land Coronation

Ranging from the colour preference which is quite a mature colour for such coronation occasion, to the exclusive mat concept which signifies a traditional occasion. This design is made even more unique with the ‘wrapping effect’ around a golden frame. The Talking Drum and Fly whisk is a traditional symbolic item and it goes a long way in showing the purpose of this masterpiece.

The full text in front of this coronation greeting card reads, “congrats on your coronation as ‘Aare & Yeye Aare Fiwagboye’ of Egba-Land, Chief & Chief (Mrs) Wahab”. The ‘CONGRATS’  was written with an orange polymark on a chocolate card and die-cut, pasted on a cream card & die-cut again to leave a bleed shadow effect while the ‘CORONATION’, ‘EGBA-LAND’ & ”WAHAB’ were die-cut from blue and orange artistic foam as seen in the picture, pasted on a chocolate card and die-cut to leave a bleed shadow effect. The ‘wahab’ was in turn placed on a cream card and this was die-cut again.

This Native Design Coronation Greeting Card  for an Egba-land Chieftain Title which is similar to the Mat Pattern Birthday Card shows our creativity at Crafts Village Greeting Cards Shop and marks our status as being the best handmade card producer in Lagos.

We serve clients in Lagos and Nigeria at large with wonderful and creative incentives!!!

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