On many occasion, clients can’t really tell what a handmade card looks like originally through a picture. So when given the price tag, they tend to exclaim but when the job is delivered, there is this amazed look on them like “wow! So this is what it really looks like, no wonder the price”. So here is a detailed card description of what our CUSTOMIZED HANDMADE CARD looks like.
“A picture could represent a thousand words”…. so they say but not always, especially in the case of handmade cards. People sometimes believe handmade cards are FLAT & PLAIN just like the conventional greeting cards they know.

Handmade Card Description
Handmade Card Description

1. Handmade cards are NOT flat, plain & flexible like the regular cards. They are thick (as thick as two plywoods joined together), tough & rigid, and the designs on the outside are embossed and raised up to 1 inch above the original surface of the card.

2. They are made from relatively rare & expensive types of cardboards. This compounds to the main price placed on these cards aside human effort & creativity. These special cardboards are made for special purposes which in turn makes these handmade cards VERY SPECIAL & UNIQUE.

3. Time duration of making a card is NO JOKE . A simple name could take up to 2 hours to carve out! This is as a result of stacks of different cardboards glued on top of one another to attain a particular concept. This adds to the uniqueness of the cards.

4. Also, people do not notice the other artistic materials used in making these handmade cards through a mere picture (except for the artistic minded people).
Talking about Pastels, Polymarks, Glitters, Glitter Glue, Fluorescent materials and a whole lot of others. A picture might not show details of these but they are always there to add finishing touches, else handmade cards would only be cardboards glued together!

So with these few explanation, we hope you have a good view of what making a handmade card is all about!!!

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