Gift Box Gallery

At Crafts Village Nigeria, we offer premium custom gift boxes, a top gift packaging idea here in Lagos.

What are gift boxes? A gift box is a decorative box which is a form of packaging that is generally more than just functional, but also intended to be decorative and artistic. Many such boxes are used for promotional packaging, both commercially and privately.

At Crafts Village Nigeria, we house a variety of ready-made boxes made from the finest of materials. We stock boxes that are suitable for both gifting purpose or products packaging, and our boxes are made from premium card stocks, leather, wood, acrylic, papers or fibres.

Having all your gift items packed in a beautiful and trendy box that allows comfort and neatness is just the best way to present gift items. We have made this available to you in Lagos and Nigeria at large for easy accessibility.

Shop with us at Crafts Village Nigeria for top gift boxes that comes in different designs such as top opening boxes, side flip open boxes, leather boxes, Ankara boxes and more.

Over the years, we have produced the finest gift boxes for different purposes using different designs, materials, and shapes. Here in our gallery, you will find carefully curated boxes ranging from top opening, side flip opening, pullout boxes and several others.

How to order our Gift Boxes.

top open-black-gift-box-with-white-dots-and-red-ribbon-bow

To order our ready made boxes, simply click on the Shop Now button below to go to our online store at the Crafts Village HUB, then you can buy any of the available boxes and pay online with your credit cards & we deliver to you any where in  Nigeria.

To book for custom made boxes, simply use the whatapp link button to chat with us directly on Whatsapp with details of your request such as dimension, colour, quantity & other features. You can view our boxes gallery HERE.

Do make sure to refer to box type when making your custom order. Also don’t forget to get a dimension of the boxes you want. We can barely remember the actual dimension of most of our boxes produced. :))

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