Father’s Day Greeting Card

Father’s Day is celebrated across the globe and all eligible father or father to be receive a gift to celebrate them. Pastor Femi Monehin who is the President of God’s Favourite House was also celebrated on Father’s Day by all members of the church with a Father’s Day Greeting Card from Crafts Village Studio.

Yes! As we are the finest producer of greeting cards in Lagos, we put out a unique handmade greeting card with multiple pages where every church member wrote goodwill messages and signed underneath to Pastor Femi Monehin.

With the God’s Favourite House Logo crested at the centre of the card, and the picture of Pastor Femi Monehin embossed below with the name die-cut and embossed using spongy artistic foam and polymark calligraphy writing just beside the picture, this job is just a master-piece.


  • Father’s Day Greeting Card for Pastor Femi Monehin
  • Size: 24′ x 15′ Inches
  • Colour Theme: Black, Orange, Gold and Blue
  • Occasion: Father’s Day
  • Location: Lagos, Nigeria
  • Features –
    • Embossed design
    • God’s Favourite House Logo
    • Polymark effects
    • Marker Spray
    • Die-cut
    • Background logo crest
    • Picture
    • Multiple Inner Pages for handwritten messages and signature
  • Card comes fully packaged and sealed in a packaging nylon, special gift box packaging, carriage bag and complimentary one page catalogue & stickers.

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