Colourful Birthday Greeting 1Card

Don’t get distracted by the sweet picture quality of this Colourful Birthday Greeting Card, it’s simply been some days we updated some of the craft jobs we’ve been up to, but here are some out of the very many cards we made in recent times.


Here is one awesome colourful birthday greeting card made for lady a couple of weeks ago at our Creative Shop!

From the pictures of the card above, you can see the carefully selected colours suited for the black background. To indicate the feminine recipient, pink is chosen as the most contrast colour. A door ignition concept is employed to carry the round picture frame whose edges was laced with a flower paper.

The background of this greeting card was given the dropping colour balls design which were made with polymarks. The “Special” was also die-cut from an orange artistic foam, pasted on a white card, die-cut and again on a black card just to give the bleed & shadow effect.

The ‘TOP’ was crafted just like that of the ‘Special’ but using a spongy foam material.

This colourful birthday greeting card is an outstanding one & the picture above shows in details every part of the front part!

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