Our achievement carpet design greeting card is unique, creative and colourful.

Achievements range in different forms; it could be an academic achievement, a personal achievement, societal achievement, a task or religious achievement. But in this case, it’s a Career Achievement.

Achievement Carpet Design Greeting Card
Achievement Carpet Design Greeting Card

This career achievement in particular could only be complimented perfectly by an expressed gesture, because it was coming from a subordinate to a boss.

So here is an Achievement Carpet Design Greeting Card to express the complimentary gesture to an AREA SERVICE MANAGER who just moved to another branch.

A concepts just like the 50th Birthday Card with 6 pages birthday messages but with a different colour theme.


The colour theme for this achievement greeting card comes as a result of trying to stand between a formal and informal approach due to the relationship there-in between the boss and subordinate.

Yellow as a background colour gives a contrast colour to every other colour that comes on top of the card, while Orange and Red colour gives a ‘not too loud’ but blend to the background. This concept we call the ‘STRIPE & RECTANGLE’ design, as it consists of a stripe pattern at the top and lower boxes & rectangle designs at the centre.  The top and lower rectangles has a yellow and burnt chocolate stripes cut cards placed on an orange card, which is then placed on a burnt chocolate card to give the shadow effect.

The centre rectangle has a hand knit and button pattern at the edge which adds finesse to the card and at the centre of the rectangle is the die-cut ‘BEAUTIFUL’ writing which we cut from glitter artistic foam.

Heart shapes cut from different colour glitter artistic foam is placed on the red rectangle sides of the centre box, then different polymark colours is used to create stud effect around the card just to add finesse.

The 3D ‘ASM’ is initially cut from a plain artistic foam, placed on a white embossed card, die-cut again leaving a bleed and the placed on the burnt chocolate card and then die-cut again. The derived cut is the raised to about 0.4 inches using sticky foams and then placed on the lower part of the card.


The inner design of this achievement card is quite simple and not too busy. A white card background which particularly holds the two sides of the card skeleton together.

A printed achievement wording which was composed by the sender is placed on a flower pattern card, die-cut and pasted in the card as shown. The wording is designed with CorelDraw before printing as this gives a unique view of wording other than using free hand writing skills.

Then the surrounding of the pasted wording is decorated with a marker spray which gives tiny dots of sprays around the area.

We are sure you love such great artistic output and we would love to create new designs always as you patronize these awesome craft products. So make your orders today or you can check out our Cards Gallery or Portfolio for exclusive card designs that will stimulate your thirst buds.

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