In this case, a uniquely handcrafted 50th Birthday Greeting Card with 6 inner pages wishes was enough to send birthday messages to the sweet mother. A 50th birthday is a milestone that is always celebrated and taken so important. Popularly known as the “GOLDEN JUBILEE”, birthday wishes are sent to felicitate with the celebrant, surprise parties could be thrown and all sorts of wonderful gifts could be sent.

This 50th Birthday Greeting Card with 6 pages Birthday wishes is an example of our big size of card (15 x 25 inches). It features an outstanding concept, suitable for an adult female, mature, informal and very detailed. The color theme is pink and a gold that represents a golden jubilee.

The background concept of this birthday card was originally created by Lin Handmade greeting cards in one of her jobs, so a little modification gave us this masterpiece.

50th Birthday Greeting Card | 6 Inner Pages Wish

As a 3D type of handmade card, all the written context of the card is elevated. Parts such as the die-cut picture, ‘happy’, ‘mother’, and the ‘50th Birthday’ with banner design are all elevated, shadowed and in a cute 3D craft. The ‘happy’ text is first handwritten with a polymark, left to dry and then die-cut using a stencil cutter, the design then glued to another colored cardboard and again die-cut to get the final shadow effect. The image is printed on an A3 paper size, die-cut with a stencil cutter and a strawboard is die-cut to a smaller shape of the initially cut picture, pasted under the picture and the picture with the strawboard is together glued to a black cardboard. The bleeding edges of the picture are then pressed down to stick to the black cardboard. This gives an embossed effect of the picture and the resulting design is then die-cut again. There is also a hand knitting and button effect at the centre rectangle of the card. Here is where most of the 3D designs were glued to.


The inner design of this birthday is quite one of the unusual inner greeting cards you’ve seen. It’s a 6 paged birthday message unlike the Masculine birthday card with heart, with every birthday wish article written by every member of the family. Each birthday message was pre-printed and pasted on each page from the eldest member to the youngest member of the family.

50th Birthday Greeting Card | 6 Inner Pages Wish

This one unique craft piece and the recipient was full of joy when she received it. So we are sure you want something as cute and splendid as this. So why not make your orders today, we at the DottyDot Crafts® Studio are ready to give you the best of handmade greeting cards you can find in Lagos, Nigeria and anywhere around the world.

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