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Like What We Do? This is what we offer at our Crafts Training Program!

4-Weeks Intensive Training Class

We offer a 4-weeks intensive training class which cuts across all categories of Crafts Services we offers. Ranging from Greeting Cards Making to Wall Greeting Frames, Fashion Crafts and more. Students can choose training days, preferred crafts courses and time schedules most convenient for them!

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Apprenticeship Program

Our apprenticeship program is open for a period of 3-months for YOUNG, VIBRANT, CREATIVE & DEDICATED YOUTHS who wish to learn the full trade of our crafts business. Students are mentored, tutored and trained on how to become great Entrepreneurs and could afterward be absorbed and employed full time.

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Greeting Cards Making

Greeting Cards are our number one products at Crafts Village Greeting Cards Shop and we have been in this trade for over a decade. Enroll for this course in our Crafts Training Program and be the best.


Wall Greeting Frames

We are experts when it comes to making top-notch greeting frames and its always a delight!


Custom Mugs

Mugs designs are fun, interesting and unique. Learning to make this and starting a trade on them is interesting!


Gift Box Making

Gift Boxes are the order of the Day!!! Enroll for this course and start making trendy boxes in No-Time!


Fashion Crafts

Shoe Making, Bags Making and other trendy fashion crafts are available for enrollment. Enroll today!


Wall Clocks Making

We also offer training on making Handmade Wall clocks. You can earn big upon completion of this course!

“I was skeptical about training at Crafts Village Greeting Cards Shop initially, but it turned out to be a wonderful experience for me. It was more like learning in my own home, as we worked and learned like family”

~ Ebukka Smith


What clients say?

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