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About Us

About us at DottyDot Crafts

DottyDot Crafts is the top producer of handmade greeting cards in Lagos. We produce the best handmade greeting cards for all occasions with trendy fashion and household crafts. Serving clients in Lagos and Nigeria at large.

With a highly technical and creative team, we combine unparalleled experience and comprehensive capabilities across several sections of Arts & Crafts. And at DottyDot Crafts ®, we have produced thousands of top quality greeting cards, frames, artistic clocks, household crafts, fashion crafts such as Ankara Shoes & Bags, ankara accessories, lockets etc. since its inception in April, 2003. These have served many occasions, built or reunite families & relationships, and helped people express gestures in different styles and forms.



Our purpose at DottyDot Crafts is to help people express gestures, feelings and culture in an Artistic Manner, so we combine CREATIVITY, EXPERIENCE AND AGGRESSIVE STRATEGIC ART RESEARCH to provide quality products at competitive prices for customers. Our friendly and professional team will help ensure top quality, unique, beautiful and exceptional craft pieces are delivered to our customers.


Our vision at DottyDot is to become the number one producer of handmade greeting cards, household and fashion crafts and to have our products in every home in Nigeria.


Started back in 2003 when a custom greeting card was presented to a couple on their wedding day and this gave a clue to how much a craft piece is appreciated and can go a long way in expressing gestures. Hence, the love for crafts was ignited. It was a one-man thing at the start and it started with woodwork, then graduated into making greeting cards. The name ‘oladot creationz’ initially used which was later changed to the presently used DottyDot Crafts® in 2009.

The team grew as the year progressed as higher requests sets in and more helping hand was needed. We started spreading our tentacles on different artistic areas as every individual in the team are unique to different art fields. Then making shoes & bags were introduced, household crafts such as crafted wall clocks, artistic and greeting frames, wall designs etc were also introduced. So its been a carousel of excellent production of great crafts pieces over a decade.